Diaper Bag Backpack by CheekyTummy is pure genius

When I was pregnant with Riley, I searched the Internet far and wide to find the perfect diaper bag. I wanted it to be cute and functional, but mostly cute. Since then, I’ve had several bags, most of which are now in the back of my closet, with sparse remnants of a “baby and me” outing that most likely happened months, or years, ago. You know what I mean, a couple of diapers and half-used pack of wipes, A fruit pouch and some smushed goldfish in a ziplock bag, maybe a few loose dollars or god-forbid a soiled diap that you left in there by accident. This is life as a mom. I change my mind and my bag like it is my job.

Over the summer, while on an adventure with our children, Pat noticed me struggling to wrangle the kids while carrying the diaper bag, which was overflowing with stuff. He chuckled and said, “why don’t you get a backpack, so you’ll have your hands free?” …. I’ve always known my husband to be a smart man, but this was genius. I immediately went to Marshall’s and found a cute backpack and presented it to him proudly. His response, “That has no support and there is no way I am going to wear it.” I rolled my eyes, because DUH, I was planning to wear it.

Fast forward a few months, and that backpack is now among the pile in my closet where diaper bags go to die. I now have a new love in my life, the “Jesse” by CheekyTummy. This thing is worth every penny.  It has everything you could ever want: pockets for days (11 to be exact), including an insulated pocket for bottles and a special pocket for wipes that makes them easily accessible, a padded back, because lets be real, you are likely going to be lugging your toddler or baby around in addition to all of your stuff, changing pad, and a design that is suitable for both men and women. No more excuses guys, this bag is in no way “too feminine” for you to carry. From now on, it is all you, dude.inside-ct_diaper_backpack_details_4

I am in love and you will be too! What a perfect gift for anyone with kids this holiday season! XO


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  1. This is SUCH a great idea! I just posted about a different backpack that I used for my daughter, but it didn’t have nearly as many features. Thanks so much for posting!

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