Chasing Ri and Bo

What am I thankful for?

img_0524Too many things to count, honestly. I have a wonderful family, amazingly fabulous friends, a husband who is just as handsome, sweet, and annoying…errr… I mean funny, as the day I met him, and of course, my two-little baby monsters, who fill my life with so much love, snuggles, laughs, tears, poop, and germs that there are literally no words to describe how lucky I feel. And, when I say literally, I mean it. At the moment, I have completely lost my voice from coughing, a little present from baby monster #2, who was patient zero for the stomach bug, and now the chest cold/ cough from hell. Thanks my little angel, mommy loves you too.

As a mother of two very enthusiastic, dramatic, spirited and my favorite describing word “feisty” toddlers, I also have other things that I am thankful for.

These 5 things deserve an extra special mention:

  1. Alcohol. Specifically, wine. White, Red, Rose, Bubbles, Boxed, Bottled, Juice-Box Style…(Yes, they make those)… I don’t discriminate. I love you. I love you to the moon and back, and back again.img_0726
  2. Coffee. You make adulting possible. Without you, I’d be dead-mom walking, wearing leggings, Pat’s t-shirts, and un-kept hair for my standard attire. Ok, ok, so I did that today, but I am sick, all right, back off you haters.
  3. Carseats. Yes, yes, they are safe and I am definitely a safety first person always, but they also strap my children in one place for enough time for me to enjoy a cup of coffee. Don’t go calling DCF, I don’t just randomly strap them in there, though I have considered it before, but car rides in the afternoon when you are going completely stir crazy are a wonderful thing. We play I-spy and sing songs, I drink coffee and relax knowing that my children aren’t about to kill each other over who gets to have the blue train first. All is right in the world.
  4. My life planner. No I am not joking. I have a serious addiction to my planner. I amimg_0781 a self-proclaimed planner nerd. With two kids in daycare, working full-time, a husband who works shift work, owns businesses, and has more hobbies than I can count, you need something to keep yourself organized. Otherwise, things get forgotten… like today. Today was PJ day at school and I chased my kids around the house trying to get Riley into undies and a pre-selected outfit, while Bode continuously removed his pants. Do you know how much I love PJ Day at school and I forgot? UGH. Biggest fail ever.
  5. My Bed. I love my bed. I don’t see it enough, or for long enough, but I love it. I am thankful for it, every, single, day. Sleep-deprivation becomes a normal state for parents. It doesn’t matter the age of your child. Once babies start sleeping through the night you start to be woken up by your threenager staring at you at 1 AM asking if she can have waffles, because her tummy is telling her “she is very hungry,” or that she needs water, a snuggle, or my favorite, that her eyebrows hurt. Uh, yea, your dad is the Paramedic, go ask him about that one.

You know what I am NOT thankful for, Daylight Savings. My children are still waking up at 5:00 AM. Explain that one to me because I just don’t understand.

What are you thankful for?


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