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I’ve created a Monster

As much as people say, “Oh, I don’t judge,” they totally do. They are straight, lying to your face, if they say they don’t. It is just human nature. Everyone has their own opinions on how things work, or should work, and when someone does something differently, it is just natural to have an opinion about that as well. Ok, I am rambling…

Here’s the thing. I have been blessed with two children that have relatively good sleep habits. I mean, I hear these horror stories about babies that only sleep for an hour at a time, or can’t sleep in their cribs by themselves, or only nap for 20 minutes. I am telling you, I would die. I am not lying; I would die from mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. I can’t imagine any of these scenarios without the end result being me on an involuntary hold in the Looney bin.

For Riley, I credited our sleep success to my rigorous schedule and sleep routine, courtesy of “The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems.” Best $14.99 I have ever spent. It was my Bible. To say that I was rigid would be the understatement of the century. If it was 8:30 AM, she was going down for morning nap, at 12:45 PM she was going down for afternoon nap, and bedtime was 7:00PM sharp. No “ifs,” “ands,” or “butttttts.”

Nope. Keep the schedule; it is a miracle worker… that is until the second child comes along. All you parents out there that have one child and think it is difficult, multiply that by 10 thousand bazillion times. Yes, bazillion. That is what it is like with two kids.

Bode has always been an “OK” sleeper. He didn’t have the schedule implemented like Riley did. It was more like, “Ok, Riley has to go to daycare, so I guess Bode will morning nap in the car.” Sigh. You do the best you can. That being said, he has still been sleeping through the night, 7PM-7AM most nights, for quite some time. Until recently that is.

So, a month or two ago, Bode woke up around 5 AM. I selfishly wanted to sleep a bit longer IMG_4311and gave him a bottle to see if he would go back to sleep. HE DID. He went back to sleep until almost 8AM. Crazy right? I was happy with this solution at the time. It wasn’t every day, just once in a while that he would wake up early and I would soothe him back to sleep with some warm milk and my own rendition of “you are my sunshine.” However, something has changed. Bode now expects that bottle everyday at 5:30AM and wakes up accordingly. Oh shit. A habit has formed, and it ain’t a good one. What did I do!!??

Today, I tried to let him cry it out a bit to see if he would go back to sleep. I lay in bed, with my head under the covers, praying that he would eventually calm himself back into a peaceful slumber. He didn’t. Not even close. I eventually got up, convinced that he was just missing his pacifier “Sally” and that once I gave it back to him he would go right to sleep. Yep, that is all I would need to do…. Not quite.

I walked into his room slowly to find him standing in his crib, “Sally” firmly clutched in one of his adorably pudgy hands, and him screaming at me, “ BA BA” (This is what he calls his bottle). He repeated himself, “BAAAAAAA, BAAAAAAAA.”

I tried to soothe him.

Me: “No, no, sweet boy. It is still nighttime. No, ‘Ba, Ba’ right now, it is time to sleep.”

Bode: Hysterics. I mean the child was crying so hard that no sound came out of his mouth for a good 10 seconds. And then, the saddest plea for, “ BAAAAAAAA BAAAAA.”

I retreated slowly from the room, thinking he was just going to cry for a few minutes and then go back to sleep. Wrong.

I eventually dragged myself downstairs and made him a bottle. He whimpered with relief when I brought it back into his room, I plopped into the rocking chair, defeated. Then he sucked it down like he had been dying of thirst, threw it on the floor, and pointed back to his crib. I put him back down and covered him with his blankets and he went right to sleep and didn’t wake up again until 7:15.

Sigh. Clearly, I’ve put a Band-Aid on the situation. It is going to suck when I have to rip that sucker off. Expect crying from both parties, each of us wailing for our “baaaa baaaaas.”

He’ll take milk, warm, and I’ll have a bottle of white, unoaked, please and thank you.


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