Got Gummies?

This is a question I hear multiple times a day from my three-year old, Riley. I think the child associates certain daily activities with getting gummies for a treat. And, I can’t really blame her, because I use them as bribes, a lot.


Riley goes potty – she gets gummies.

Riley listens at school – she gets gummies.

Riley walks to the car and doesn’t play in traffic – yep that calls for gummies too.

…. You get the idea.

Lately, I’ve started feeling some serious mom guilt for feeding her so much junk. I’ve tried buying organic gummies from Costco before, but they were disgusting, and I honestly didn’t blame Riley for saying “gross” and throwing them on the floor. I actually joined in on the protest.

So, when I found Black Forest Organic, it was like a little bit of sparkle in my child’s currently rotting teeth. Their products are one, tasty, and two, certified organic. They are also gluten free, non-GMO (winning!), allergen free, and peanut free. Not to mention, they have been voted America’s Best Tasting Gummy Bears, and I’d have to say, I agree.


I am always on the quest for organic treats, but the problem with organic treats is that they sometimes fall short on the deliciousness scale. That is not the case here. These candies are all incredibly good and soft, not tough to chew like some gummy bears.  They are also in the process of a full line extension, which includes sour gummies, and hard candy. I loved the Sour Heads and Gummy Worms. My husband was a fan of the Gummy Bears, and Riley, well, she ate and enjoyed all of them.

Made with all natural ingredients, I feel good about giving them to my family, without having to wonder exactly what Red Dye #40 is…I know one thing, Red Dye #40 is not food. I’d much rather my treats be colored with fruit and vegetable juices, which is exactly what Black Forest Organics uses in their products.

Full disclosure, Black Forest Organic shipped me a whole box of goodies, a case of each of their current organic candy options. As you can see, I am stocked for quite a while. We will definitely enjoy them and give them away to friends. And, when the sad day comes that the last bag is empty, we will find them at the nearest store and replenish our supply! Delish!

** Giveaway Alert**

Now for the exciting part! You can be just as lucky and receive the same generous gift package that I received (pictured below)! I’m teaming up with Black Forest Organic for a giveaway! Two lucky winners will be chosen on July 1.

Now for the rules, all you have to do to enter is:

  1.  Comment on this post (below) about what you look for in a good gummy.
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  3. Winners will be randomly selected from those that commented and shared the post on July 1.

Good luck!







22 thoughts on “Got Gummies?

  1. I’m always looking for a healthy alternative to my slightly sweet diet! 😉 Any time you can add some fruit and vegetables to a candy is hands down a winner! I also work with a bunch of kids (otherwise known as full blown adults who just enjoy acting a little younger) who love to munch on candy during rough work days…these would make me a huge winner!!

  2. J, I am positive no farming would get done here without gummy bribes! We also have rejected the organic gummies, Baby Addie spat them out much like a camel. We currently look for gummies that are yummy and are shaped like Doc Mcstuffins characters 😉

  3. I look for a snack (bribe!) that I can use to treat my kiddo to something yummy, while not funneling him tons of sugar! He loves gummies – to the point where I keep emergency gummies in the car 🙂

  4. I always look for ingredients that are healthy to our family’s standards. Yummy, juicy flavors and Organic is always the way to go for my babies.

  5. I like my gummy to actually taste like the flavor. I hate when I go to pick a strawberry gummy and it taste exactly like the orange, cherry and grape one. I hope to be trying these real soon.

  6. I like gummies to have a good juicy flavor to them and not an artificial one. I like this brand best and the kids do too and it’s great knowing you are giving them a healthier snack and not getting a ton of sugar. We take them when we travel anywhere in the car and it keeps the kids quiet and happy. They are the perfect snack.

  7. I try to find gummies that are organic with no red dye and other artificial colors/flavors. I also double check to make sure that they are not made in a facility that processes peanuts.

  8. These are the best gummies – not too chewy – not too soft. Perfect balance of flavor and sweet and sour with very little aftertaste! Great product!!

  9. i’ve loved black forest gummies for year, especially now that they have an organic line. crossing my fingers that i win some!

  10. I like them to 1 be good.. Flavor and texture. Not rubbery.. 2 organic is a HUGE important factor!!! Varieties of candy. All of them have to have their own precise flavor. All of the bag should NOT TASTE THE SAME!

  11. A good gummy has to pass the heat test. Can it survive a beach day without melting or becoming one giant gummy blob?

  12. My daughter likes gummies that are soft, flavorful and colorful! Organic is always a bonus! I have never tried this brand so I am going to go out and look for some!

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