Pip, Pip, Hooray?

Wait, what? I know what you are thinking. I am notoriously wrong when I try to use classic sayings in my every day vocabulary, but this time, it was intentional.

I’ve decided to venture into the world of doing product reviews. Don’t worry, I’m not a sell-out. I just think it is important for parents to share their knowledge, and I think trying out new products is a great way to do that. I promised myself that I would only review things that I would actually use and so, after quite a few email requests for possible reviews, I decided on one that I felt good about putting my stamp of approval on. Pipcorn


Wait, Jenna, did you mean Popcorn? Again, no. It is called Pipcorn (adorable right?). It is a mini-popcorn! Genius if you ask me. As someone who is always struggling for fun lunch snacks for my three-year-old, this came into my life at the perfect time. Not only is it delicious, but it is small enough for her to avoid choking (whew!) and healthy too.

It is a win-win really. Daycare will be happy that I am sending nutritious options for Riley, and Riley will be happy that I actually packed her something she will eat. 

It is certified vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, whole grain and high in fiber! Also, if you are a TV junkie like me, you may have seen the owners, a brother and sister team, score a deal with Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank. 

It’s legit. And, it is rolling out in a Target and Kroger near you. But, unfortunately, not near me. Vermont has neither of these stores, though I am desperately waiting for news that Target is coming to our area. For now though, I’ll have to order my Pipcorn online, which you can also do, but if you want to buy it in store, check out their store locator.

And, for any other moms who are trying to lose their baby weight, it is a great option on Weight Watchers. Only 4 points for 2 1/2 cups! Holy crap that is good news! Best part? It pairs great with wine, which is unfortunately like 84,000 points per 4oz glass. Winning! Enjoy!









PS. If I haven’t convinced you, here are a few more reasons why you should try it!

Why Pipcorn?

  • When our tiny kernel is popped, it breaks up into itty bitty pieces, leaving fewer hulls stuck in your teeth!
  • Pipcorn has 3x more popcorn per bag than ordinary popcorn! More to eat and more to share!
  • Popped in 100% Olive Oil
  • Produced in small batches, seasoning each batch by hand
  • All real food, real ingredients, and real people making it!

** full disclosure, they sent me a generous package of four bags! All were eaten, quickly, by my family, friends and co-workers**

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