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Thank you, Mom

Technically, this Sunday will be my second Mother’s Day as a mom (if you don’t count being a mom to my fur-babies that is). Riley was born a few weeks before Mother’s Day last year, but the whole experience was so brand spanking new that I was too overwhelmed to really enjoy it. This year however, I have so much more appreciation for what it takes to be someone’s mother. So, in honor of Mother’s Day, I want to say thank you Momma, for some of the things that may have gone un-thanked in my early years and for some that deserve a thank you every day, not just on Mother’s Day.

  • Thank you for doing our laundry, getting us dressed before we could dress ourselves, buying us new clothes before each school year and especially not yelling at us when all of those clothes ended up crumbled on the floor of our rooms and not in the designated hampers. I now understand how exhausting all of these things are and don’t know how you managed it with three kids. I’m shocked every day when I get out of the house with Riley wearing more than just a diaper.
  • Thank you for feeding us! My god, the food thing is such a chore. Thank you for instilling the importance of sitting down to family meals. Some of my best memories of growing up were around our kitchen table. I know now how exhausting it is to get up at 5:30, work all day, pick up children (and most likely groceries) and then go home to get dinner out before a 7:00pm bed time. Riley eats really well…and Pat and I, well, we eat. Sometimes beer cereal is the best dinner.
  • Thank you for getting us through college graduation! I know it wasn’t easy and there were many tearful nights of you and Dad talking us off the ledge of desperation when we had procrastinated so long on a project or paper that was due the following day. I’d like to say I’ve learned my lesson, but I still strongly believe I do my best work under pressure.
  • Thank you for always making it to our games. Being a working parent is hard and Riley doesn’t even know what sports or extracurricular activities are yet! I can’t imagine it was easy juggling work and three children with different interests. You and Dad were always there for all of us, telling us we did great… even when we didn’t…I was a softball pitcher who occasionally threw pitches into the outfield or over the backstop. I know now that must have been painfully embarrassing for you guys… but you never showed it and for that I am so thankful! 
  • Thank you for teaching us responsibility and respect without being overbearing and strict. You and dad always made it clear that as long as we were open and honest with you that we would have your trust. You made sure we knew what was right and wrong but didn’t put limitations on us that made us feel like we were being treated like children.
  • Thank you for showing us what it means to work hard and teaching us that being successful is not always winning, but knowing that you tried your best.
  • Making a big deal out of birthdays, sending us packages on Easter and Valentines Day, spoiling us rotten on Christmas, and treating us to spontaneous things throughout the year. Pat is right, we did grow up in pleasantville. I feel privileged for the life I’ve lived and feel lucky to have parents who worked so hard to always make sure we felt loved and supported.
  • Thank you for learning how to support me with my OCD. I know this struggle has affected more than just me. You’ve always been patient and kind, even when I’m sure you were thinking that your daughter is batsh*t crazy. I know that must have been hard at times, ok all the time. I love you for it more than you will ever know.
  • Thank you for teaching me how to be a mother. I think we were all a little apprehensive of how this whole thing was going to turn out for me. Let’s be honest, I was a mess. I know all first time mothers feel a little overwhelmed and anxious, but I definitely took that to the next level. Your support and reassurance helped me find peace in my new role and gave me the confidence to follow my instincts and do what I think is best for Riley. I’ll treasure that gift always.

I am a strong believer that we are given the children we are meant to have. In my case, I feel like I won the lottery twice. I was given to the best parents imaginable and I was given the most precious little girl any mother could ever ask for. I win.


Thank you, Mom. For everything. Happy Mother’s Day.



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