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General Tso Chicken, Peking Duck.. and oh yea, Roadkill Delight

In general, I have a hard time eating at buffet restaurants. I mean, who really wants to eat somewhere that has sneeze guards protecting the food? No thanks. Not to mention the unruly children that will lick the serving spoons and put them back…or pick out the fruit they want with their grubby, grubby little hands. Yea, it happens. Take it from a girl who worked at a buffet for almost three years. Luckily, the owners of the restaurant where I worked were very diligent about cleanliness, but apparently this isn’t always the case.

According to a report from Anderson Cooper,  A patron at a Chinese Buffet in Kentucky witnessed a deer carcass being dragged into the kitchen in a garbage bin with two hard-working employees mopping up the spilling blood behind it. Excuse me for a minute while I lose my breakfast. GAH. This has got to be one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard. You hear jokes about the questionable meat served in Chinese restaurants, but this just confirms everyone’s suspicions!

You must be thinking, wait a second, there must be some mistake here. Nope. The health department was called and when they arrived they found the employees in the back dissecting the dead deer. The owner’s son admitted to having seen it on the road and picking it up. Aw, what a helpful little lad he is…NOT.

Don’t worry though, the health inspector said the restaurant would need a thorough cleaning before being allowed to reopen. Right.. because cleanliness is what everyone is worried about now… not the fact that their Chicken and Broccoli might actually be Squirrel and Broccoli. Gross.

So, if you choose to continue dining at Chinese buffet restaurants, a few helpful tips to remember:

1. If the sneeze guard is dirty, I guarantee you the food has an extra layer of “sauce” on it. Drop the plate and get a refund.

2. If the spoon is not in the dish, don’t use it. This means if it is laying on the counter beside the dish or in another dish altogether, safe bet is that it has either been dropped on the floor or licked by a germ infested five-year old. Don’t believe me? Fine.. chance it.. I dare you.

3. If the meat does not look like chicken, taste like chicken, or smell like chicken, most likely it’s probably not chicken. Got it? Good.

I’m sure you are all craving Chinese food now for lunch, why don’t you scurry on over to your local buffet for some roadkill delight, I heard it’s to die for…literally… it might kill you.


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  1. Hi Jenna! I am a student at the University of Iowa and I love your blog! I write for a college student food website called Spoon University! I am currently writing an article on Chinese Buffets and was wondering if I could get permission to use the photo you have featured in this post? Of course, I would give you and your blog website. Please let me know, thanks!

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