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Hollywood came a knocking…

…And I said NO. It’s official, I’m an idiot. What was I thinking!? This could have been my big break. I could have been the next big reality star… like Kim Kardashian… or maybe even casted in a new Real Housewives franchise… Real Housewives of Chittenden County. Don’t lie, you’d watch it, I know you would. We could use the photo below as our group shot… Although, I do think it would be cute to imitate the Real Housewives of NYC and have little Maple Syrup Jugs in our hands instead of Apples… just a thought.

So long story short, a week or so ago, a casting director reached out to me through my blog about a show they are producing which highlights individuals who are obsessively clean and/or have OCD-like tendencies. Clearly I fit that role pretty much perfectly, but the thought of being on TV sent my anxiety soaring.

I definitely thought about it for a while and went back and forth on what I wanted to do, but in the end I decided to say “no.” Why? Because, in all honesty, I’m just not sure I am prepared to put my “crazy” out on display like that for everyone to see. I know that I technically do the same thing in this blog, but I have the ability to hide behind my computer. Being on television would mean camera crews following Pat and I around for four days straight, capturing all of my daily struggles and frustrations. So, although it sounded fun and would probably make me feel like I was really helping people by putting a face to someone who struggles with OCD on a daily basis, I just don’t think it is the right time for me to do that.

…plus, I’d probably feel the need to take the next month off to clean my entire condo from top to bottom.. If I was going to let America see my home, you better believe that everything would look absolutely P E R F E C T. Maybe some day…


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