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Like flying isn’t scary enough…

…Now I have to worry about finding needles in my food? While eating my lunch today, yea I know, sick coincidence right? I found an article on CNN titled “ Dutch, US authorities investigating needles in airline sandwiches.” No, I’m not kidding. A passenger on a Delta flight (need I say more?) from Amsterdam to the United States took a bite of what he thought was going to be a turkey and cheese sandwich, just to find out they forgot to “hold” the needles. GAH! And he wasn’t the only one, three other people had it happen to them as well. I mean really? What is the world coming to…

It reminds me of the scare a while back when people feared going to the movie theater because it was rumored that people were placing HIV infected needles in the seats. I’m sure I am not the only one that still thoroughly checks my seat before sitting down. Why chance it right?

Or.. what about the sickos that put razor blades in candy on Halloween? What gives? Why do we need to punish the adorable princesses and little cowboys when all they want is some sugar. I mean if you would rather play a trick than give them a treat, give out sugar free candy or toothbrushes like the dentists do… that is mean enough… you don’t need to make them bleed.

I don’t know why Delta was targeted in this attack, but it just proves my point that Jetblue is the best airline (out of Burlington, VT). I’ve heard good things about Virgin America too, but they haven’t made it to our beautiful state yet.

On a side note, I hate sandwiches, so this would not be a problem for me… but just to be safe, I may skip all food on planes going forward. I’ll stick to alcohol and anti-anxiety drugs instead. Please and thank you.

Ok, back to work.. careful what you eat, trans-fat might not be the biggest danger in your food.


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