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Just like any normal…celebrity?

I am about to admit something embarrassing about myself. Yes, that’s right, listen up, because I’ll only say this once (or a million times in this post). I, Jenna Stewart, have been guilty of watching trashy reality television. Gasp, I know. I try to stop, but I can’t. I’m an addict and as much as I try, I just can’t tear my eyes away. You could compare it to an accident on the highway. You don’t want to look, but when you see the police and ambulance lights, it’s just so hard to stop from staring at it. Horrible, right? Right.

Now that my personal standing as a human being has been lowered a couple notches in your book, I’ll continue. I was in bed last night watching one of the many reality shows I follow, Khloe (yes, as in Kardashian) & Lamar. Pat of course was engrossed in netflix on his iPad. No, I don’t force him to watch these shows with me, now that would be horrible.

This episode was particularly interesting because it highlighted  Rob Kardashian’s struggle with OCD. Rob is the brother of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Famous for being rich, basically, but all four have dabbled in fashion, reality tv…etc. Rob’s latest accomplishment was Dancing with the Stars, which of course is another embarrassing statement to make. I only watch it sometimes, I promise.

This episode focused on what causes Rob’s anxiety and how his OCD manifests itself. I found myself saying “yea, I do that too…yep… uh huh…exactly.” It was like he was describing my life.

Maybe I could be a reality star….oopps..off topic. Just saying.

Here is an example from the show. Rob was driving with Khole and hit a pothole. Normal occurrence, however he convinced himself that he had hit an animal of some kind. So what does he do? He turns around, multiple times. I do that too, but usually I convince myself that I have hit a small child or pregnant woman. My OCD causes my anxiety level to spike and I end up circling several times in the hopes of convincing myself that it was in fact just a pothole. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes, the circling makes the obsessive thoughts and anxiety even worse.

I’m learning to put space between me and whatever is causing my OCD to rear its annoying, frustrating and persistent head. Usually, with enough space, I can move forward.

This episode not only confirms that I am not alone in this struggle, but also that celebrities have issues too (duh)! I’m not just talking about drug problems and battles with anorexia either. Here is a small list of celebrities that have obsessive compulsive tendencies:

  1. Cameron Diaz: Suffers from a phobia of germs. She claims to have “made peace” with it though. — Nice work, Cameron, I’m still working on being “friendly” with my OCD.
  2. Donald Trump: Yes, that’s right “The Donald” has contamination fears. He claims to not shake hands with people, especially teachers, whom he says have “17,000 germs per square inch on their desks.” –Donald, I completely agree. I hate shaking hands, hence the name of my blog. I avoid it at all costs and will do it only if I feel it is necessary for professional reasons.
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio: Titanic star and heart-throb, suffers from an obsession with sidewalks and often goes back over his walking routes to repeatedly step on cracks or gum stains. –Sorry, Leo, you are on your own with this one. If anything, I avoid the cracks and gum stains, especially red gum that could possibly be confused for blood.
  4. Howie Mandel: Like “The Donald” and myself, Howie Mandel has a fear of dirt and germs. He even goes a step further and shaves his head in order to “feel more clean.” — I may wash my hands 100 times a day, but you will not see me shaving my head anytime soon.
  5. Billy Bob Thorton: Billy Bob (man, what a name) has an obsession with mathematics and numbers. His OCD expresses itself with numbers taking on meanings that are specific to certain people and circumstances. — Rob Kardashian also has an obsession with numbers, specifically the number 7. He checks things seven times and also likes to stay in hotel rooms that add up to 7 (34, 43 61..etc). — I don’t have a number that I obsess over, but when I do my “checking” I tend to count to six, three times, in sequences of two, while tapping my finger (so 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 and then repeat three times). So I get it.

Maybe having OCD will become the latest trend, like headbands worn on the forehead instead of in your hair or high-waisted pants that make anyone’s bum (I’m sorry) look HUGE…. then again, maybe not.


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