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Hand Sanitizer- Good or Bad!?

So, after years and years of daily, ok hourly, sanitizer use, my hands are finally showing signs of permanent damage. For the last week or so, I’ve been convinced that I am allergic to something. My hands are dry, red and they itch (gross!). I am someone who has very sensitive skin. I never change my soap, try not to change my laundry detergent, even though Pat insists on buying the generic stuff because it is cheaper, and for the most part use the same hand sanitizer, Purell with Aloe, when needed.

On occasion I stumble across a deal and buy the 5 for $5.00 mini-sanitizers from Bath and Body Works. I’ve been using warm vanilla sugar and country apple lately. Side note: country apple is probably the most horrific when it comes to sanitizer scents. This was the last one I had and I was desperate for sanitizer. So be it.

I’ve always been told that using too much sanitizer can be damaging to your hands and cause more harm than good. However, I’ve always refused to believe this. I find opinions like this to be quite similar to people who tell me flying is the safest form of travel. while they may be absolutely correct, it just doesn’t make sense to me and probably never will. I can’t get the thought of plunging 30,000 feet to my fiery death out of my mind. sigh.

That being said, I am quite irritated that my hands are showing negative effects from a product that I would consider one of my top five must haves! Hand Sanitizer is my weakness. In most regards, I am a pretty “square” individual. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs ( I can barely take Advil without feeling anxious), and I only drink in moderation. I don’t speed or take risks really of any kind (I know, I know, I’m boring).

I am addicted to shopping, bad television, and gossip magazines. However, these don’t really hurt me, Pat-maybe, but not me. Sorry, love.

The thought of giving up sanitizer feels like a huge sacrifice. I mean, there are always situations when soap and water are not readily available. Maybe to some, but a girl with a public restroom phobia, like myself, can struggle with this mindless task.

So? What to do, what to do. I recently read that kids are now drinking sanitizer to get drunk. Really? I mean, REALLY!? I would never have even thought about that as a teen. I’m guessing we’ll soon need to show ID to buy hand sanitizer. Maybe even a prescription, you know how easy fake IDs are to come by now-a-days . Maybe a parent will sue Purell and it will be banned from shelves forever. Problem solved, right? Probably not.

I guess for now, I’ll continue using the hand sanitizer I have. Don’t worry, if my hands start to rot and look like they are in danger of falling off, I’ll discontinue use! đŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Hand Sanitizer- Good or Bad!?

  1. Having you been using it more often or washing your hands more often than usual? When my OCD was server I washed my hands so much that they were red, cracking, bleeding, dry, itchy, etc. Basically I just started using lotion ALL the time… because well blood also freaks me out OCD wise (even my own)… so I was at a Catch-22… wash hands to get rid of germs and make hands start to bleed or don’t wash hands and be covered in germs… but wearing a really thick lotion to bed with gloves on (so that it doesn’t wipe off on your bed while you sleep) really helped me. I mean so has my therapy. I used to wash my hands 50+ times a day… now I’m down to 10ish (of course I still wash my hands longer and more thoroughly than the normal person). So yes advice: try to use it less and use lots and lots of lotion! And the damage is not irreversible! My hands look better than ever!

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