“I am so OCD!”

How many times have you heard someone use this phrase? I can’t even count. The number is most likely in the thousands. However, I don’t think 99% of the people who use it, actual know what it means! I grew up in a very loving and supportive family and had what most people would describe as a “perfect upbringing.” My parents never argued. My sisters are my best friends. I never wanted for anything and was always appreciative of what I was given. I am smart, but have always had to work hard for the things I have, which I think is ideal. Up until the age of 19, I really didn’t have to worry about much. That all changed though my sophomore year of college.

Within six months in 2004, two of my best friends died in car accidents. All of a sudden, I felt like my whole life was out of control and I was grasping for any hope of stability. This is where my obsessive compulsive tendencies started, but definitely not where they finished.

There are many different types of OCD, some of the most common include:

  • Compulsive checking
  • Compulsive washing and cleaning
  • Compulsive ordering
  • Pure obsessions
  • Hoarding
  • Scrupulosity: A religious form of OCD where you worry about offending GOD.
  • Health-related OCD

I would consider myself someone who has these three forms of OCD: compulsive checking, pure obsessions and health-related OCD. I always remind my husband, Pat, that he could be living with an animal-hoarder who has 36 cats, 13 dead, and living in a house full of urine and feces. This seems to lighten the load and pressure of living with someone who washes their hands 100 times a day, can’t use public restrooms without a complete meltdown, would rather appear like an anti-social freak then shake hands and has lysol wipes in every room of the house. I mean come on – is it that bad to want things clean? Ok, maybe.

I used to live in silence about this disorder. I was embarrassed and felt like I was the only one who suffered from these irrational thoughts and actions. Recently, I’ve become more aware of how common OCD really is and I want to share my story in hopes of helping someone, anyone really, feel a little more normal in their own skin.

Just a day in the life, of a crazy, OCD, fun, happy and loving, all-American girl.


PS-I want and need this button.

4 thoughts on ““I am so OCD!”

  1. Jenna, this is so fantastic! I too have recently started a blog so that I force myself to write and keep a running tally of what is going through my head while I study in Shanghai. Regardless of why you and I do it I think it is a healthy voice, and a useful medium. Your comment about starting a journal while you were in your teens and not getting further than a one or two entries is right on point. I was the same way. I think I’ve always wanted to blog, or publicize my writing. I guess I’m just using it to get to a place where I can write without hesitation or reservation.
    Anyways, congrats! Keep it up. KC

  2. Jenna, I’m so proud and happy for you. I know that people who have OCD, and even those that dont, will appreciate your blog. Your personality and humor will certainly leave people waiting for your next post. You’ve accomplished so much already!
    Love, Gill

  3. Jenna,

    I really enjoyed reading this. I think everyone has alittle OCD in them. Some cases much worse then others. I know that’s hard to believe living with Pat. Thanks for Sharing.
    Mike B

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